Crè 2015

“Once again we wanted to surprise you”


The Heel of Italy is the place where the sea and green hills meet in order to give origin to white berried vines of great importance even though they are not very well known.

Each bottle encloses the aromas and flavors of the land of Apulia, in a perfect aromatic balance. These wines find their maximum expression when they are served with typical Apulian dishes but they also have the character to exalt any culinary tradition or fusion cuisine.

To give even more personality and character to a very special wine, the labels of “Crè 2015” are designed one by one by hand, making all bottles unique and unrepeatable.

For many years Vetrère has linked its name to great Apulian white wines. Among these, CRE’, produced with Minutolo grapes, has always represented an excellence in the southern wine scene.

In 2015, Annamaria, who is in charge of agricultural production, wanted to set aside about 600 of Crè 2015, an exceptional vintage.

This year we wanted to celebrate Easter with one of these bottles, and it was immediately an explosion of aromas and right acidity that led everyone to look into each other’s eyes and realize that you had something really special on your hands and that it had to be shared with our loyal customers.


In collaboration with CNF Fasano Ceramiche, the bottle holders are entirely handmade in the traditional craftsmanship of Grottaglie.

Every single piece is UNIQUE.
An exclusive, elegant and minimalist design with shades that evoke the warm sun of Apulia and recall the shellac closure of the bottle .