La cantina


Our wines find their home in a facility which dates back to the beginning of the 1800s.
The building is entirely made of tuff, a calcareous stone typical of Salento.

Its star vaults and the very characteristics of tuff allow the cellar to maintain a thermal insulation and a constant temperature, ideal conditions to preserve the organoleptic properties of wine, during refinement and storage.

Different rooms of the cellar are dedicated to the processing. A room on the ground floor is entirely dedicated to French oak barrels, in which are aged for 12 months the top red wines of our production, two prestigious labels such as Barone Pazzo and Lago della Pergola.

The ancient underground tanks, from which the tuff was used to build the building, are the habitat where the wine is stored during summer months.


The grapes of the estate are cultivated according to the so-called “spurred cordon espalier” training system.

Once the harvesting period is reached, the grapes are harvested and immediately pressed. The cooling of the crushed grapes immediately follows the harvesting without any solution of continuity, in order to avoid oxidative processes of the grapes and allow the wine to express all its aromas.

For the same purpose, Vetrère uses advanced tools, methods and technologies: vinification is conducted in temperature-controlled environments, without any contact between harvested grapes and oxygen. This attention allows, in this way, to keep intact the organoleptic properties of the product and to preserve its deep identity.