Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Vetrère oil is born in the heart of Salento. The ideal soil, the Mediterranean climate and olive trees carefully treated according to the principles of organic farming are all elements that contribute to its high quality.

It is from the fruit of these wonderful centuries-old olive trees that we produce our olive oil, which is the heart and essence of Puglia.

Only the best and perfectly ripe olives are harvested, selected and pressed with modern systems to
give the oil its fragrance and unaltered nutritional properties. 

The excellence of Vetrère’s olive oil has received numerous prestigious awards including the coveted “3 olives” from the Slow Food “Guida agli Extravergini di Oliva 2010”.

Each olive of the Vetrère Estate contains many stories: the hard work in the fields, the commitment in the mill to transform it into extra virgin olive oil, the expectations of the consumer. A small fruit, a great destiny.

Area of origin of the olives:  Grottaglie (TA), Bisceglie (BAT).

Organoleptic characteristics: The oil is bright green in color with golden reflections. To the nose it reveals an elegant fruity charge that to the palate is associated with an excellent fluidity.

Olive varieties:  Blend of local varieties, mainly Coratina and Ogliarola, Leccese, Frantoio.

Harvesting period: November – January.

Harvesting and extraction method:  Burning by hand and mechanical shaking, cold pressing by continuous cycle.

Use: Ideal complement to appetizers based on raw or steamed fish, crustaceans and molluscs, delicate first courses.

Notes: A completely natural product, obtained through the simple pressing of the fruit. It does not contain preservatives. Store in a cool and dry place, away from light and heat sources.