Farina di grano duro 3Kg BIO


Ancient durum wheat flour is composed by: Senatore Cappelli and Saragolla durum wheat.

It is used for bread dough, focaccia, pizza and to make fresh egg pasta. It gives crunchiness and rustic flavor.

Durum wheat type “Senatore Cappelli” is an ancient variety which contains higher percentages, compared to modern grains, of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, with the appreciated advantage of being very digestible as it is poor in gluten.
In the past it was the most common and used durum wheat, before the advent of modern and more productive varieties.

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100% Italian – 100% Organic and stone ground

Excellent to be mixed for bread
The king of homemade pasta
If mixed for pasta it helps not to overcook

The package should be placed in the paper recycling and the label in the plastic recycling. Remember to always respect the regulations of your local council.

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