wines according to vetrère

The cult of the earth and the loving care we give to our grapes give Vetrère wines all the colors of Bacchus: noble reds, sweet whites and fine rosés. Our labels are the result of the cultivation of autochthonous grape varieties: Negroamaro, Primitivo and Malvasia for reds; Minutolo and Chardonnay for whites. In full respect of nature, we achieve “the wine according to Vetrère”, a happy synthesis between the authentic identity of a territory, its history and the universal passion for the nectar of Bacchus.

Here is everything we have that is most precious: our labels.


Negramaro and Malvasia Riserva

Numbered Series

It’s the great Vetrère reserve produced only in 2010 and 2015 vintages.
On the label is represented the Bruni-Ammazzalorsa family’s emblem. Inside, an enveloping and silky taste assisted by a harmonious fine acidity that gives great freshness.

Barone Pazzo

Primitivo Riserva

Intense red color of ripe cherry and plum with sweetly spiced balsamic nuances..
Barone Pazzo is a wine of remarkable extracts, whose softness highlights a well dosed tannic mass, which gives at the same time balance and consistency.

Lago della Pergola

Negroamaro Riserva

the name comes from a plot of land adjacent to the company.
Like the sun depicted on the label, the wine is an explosion of color and flavor. Rich in color and articulate in aromas. Black fruit and spices, a smoky profile, lots of licorice and underbrush.


Malvasia Nera Riserva

“Passito” is one of the most extraordinary Italian meditation wines. Produced from a careful selection of malvasia grapes, every year it confirms its vocation for excellence thanks to a unique and inimitable relationship between sweetness and freshness. A sweet wine capable of a very long aging in bottle, emotions are assured after many years.


Minutolo Riserva

Flagship of the winery, Minutolo has nothing to envy to other Apulian whites. With its round and small fruit, it has the capacity of generating enviable aromas and freshness. In case of VT the grapes are left on the vine until they reach a delicate withering.



Flagship of the winery, Minutolo has nothing to envy to other Apulian whites. With its round and small fruit, it has the capacity of generating enviable aromas and freshness. The Crè in particular, harvested in the last ten days of August, has a bouquet of orange blossom, lime tree, exotic fruits such as papaya and pineapple. Excellent acidity which does not diminish the roundness of the taste.


Chardonnay and Minutolo

It was the first label produced in the winery. The name “laureato” (graduated) which was harvested, because of lack of manpower, by friends who were all graduates present and available has always been the most appreciated wine by wine lovers. Elegant and aromatic it creates an excellent balance to the palate.



First Selection

When the Mediterranean meets the pacific the Umi, which means “sea” in japanese, tells of the harmonious union between our Mediterranean sun and the versatility of Chardonnay. A fresh wine of great flavor and harmony, it is intense and floral with mimosa on the nose.


Chardonnay BIO

Organic white wine made from Chardonnay grapes, one of the most loved white grapes by wine lovers.
Chardonnay Vetrère is crisp and lively and expresses all the sunshine.


Negroamaro Malvasia BIO

Produced with Negroamaro and Malvasia grapes, Taranta is a crisp and intense rose wine with a long aromatic persistence.
The name derives from the typical Apulian dance which, just like our wine, pinches you and makes you start dancing.


Minutolo – Spumante Brut

On the nose olfactory hints of orange blossom, lime tree, exotic fruits such as papaya and pineapple. Fine perlage and persistent to the taste.

Aureo Rosè

Aglianico – Spumante brut

Intense pink sparkling wine, on the nose it expresses notes reminiscent of wild strawberries and black currant.
In mouth is fresh and elegant.



The most beloved Primitivo of the Vetrère line, it has been defined many times by wine lovers as “a juicy wine”.
Characterized by a pleasant and enveloping body on the palate, it gives an intense and fragrant aroma to the nose.
Livurni brings with it the best characteristics of the Primitivo.

Tempio di Giano


Nome proveniente da uno dei terreni dell’azienda.
Colore rubino con riflessi violacei, richiami alla ciliegia e prugna, in un contesto di buona freschezza e nitidezza, in bocca presenta il tannino ben morbido e bilanciato.


Malvasia nera

The name derives from the ancient way in which they defined the sheep tracks or roads that allowed access to more landed properties. On the label is represented the map always unchanged dating back to 1600.
With its intense color and complete taste, Passaturo is one of the most loved wines of the winery.


The first certain news of the estate date back to 1600, when in Salento flourished the Baroque style, of which are preserved architectural testimonies of great value.

An ancient map of the 1700s testifies that Vetrère Winery belonged to the Troilo family. In 1903, Serafina Troilo married Michele Ammazzalorsa, who left his properties to his nephew Enrico Bruni, father of the current owners. Today the company is run by Annamaria and Francesca.


A winery, today more than ever, is a representative and ambassador of the territory. Its philosophy is part of a wider ecosystem made of environment, quality, culture.

Vetrère has chosen the path of clean energy and is able to meet its energy needs in complete autonomy. Electricity is produced by solar panels covering the cellar and offices, and by the generosity of the Apulian sun. A biomass boiler generates the heat the estate needs: grape seeds are dried naturally in the summer to be the natural fuel in the winter.


Our wines find their home in a facility dated back to the beginning of the 1800s. The building is entirely made of tuff, a calcareous stone typical of Salento. Its star vaults and the characteristics of tuff itself allow the cellar to maintain a thermal insulation and a constant temperature, ideal conditions to preserve the organoleptic properties of wine, during refinement and storage.

Different rooms of the cellar are dedicated to the processing. A room on the ground floor is entirely dedicated to French oak barrels, in which are aged for 12 months the top red wines of our production, two prestigious labels such as Barone Pazzo and Lago della Pergola.
The ancient underground tanks, from which the tuff was used to build the building, are the habitat where the wine is stored during summer months.


WOMEN OF Vetrère

Annamaria Bruni


Francesca Bruni


Fanny Trinchera


Enrica Trinchera


Martina Andriani




Apulian style green beans

Apulian style green beans

Una ricetta di primavera, tipica del sud e facile da preparare, sono i “fagiolini alla pugliese”, un saporito contorno della tradizione regionale, che fa parte dei cosiddetti “piatti poveri”, molto apprezzati.