Estate and Cellar


Vetrère, the company founded in 1700 by our ancestors, was restored to full activity by our father Enrico Bruni. Since 2002, Annamaria and Francesca have given new life to the name with the intention that Vetrère represents our passion for wine and the land. From the beginning, we have operated in respect of tradition and the enhancement of the natural environment, pursuing ambitious goals with enthusiasm.

The mild climate, fertile soil, and slow passing of time have always played an important role in the production of our wines. The grapes come from our vineyards grown in espalier, surrounded by gentle hills and ancient olive trees, right in the heart of Salento.

With the help of this harmonious environment, with a constant passion for taste and love for tradition, we obtain the Vetrère wine collection. The cellar, fully restored, is a majestic building dating back to 1800 but combining tradition and contemporaneity, strongly emphasizing the importance of the past. The grapes are carefully selected and the soft pressing and aging in wood are still used today to give life to our fine wines.

Despite its young age, the Vetrère winery has been recognized by the most important national guides, confirming our production philosophy mainly focused on the enhancement of native grapes such as Primitvo, Negroamaro, Malvasia and among the white-berried grapes, the Minutolo.

Palazzo Ammazzalorsa

Palazzo Ammazzalorsa, a prestigious 17th-century building in the heart of Bisceglie, is a historical and architectural treasure owned by the Vetrère farm.
The space of the ancient Stables is a gathering place, a special place capable of looking at the past with contemporary eyes. The rooms, once dedicated to stables, have been renovated to create places where the concept of culture finds expression in different declinations: wine, music, art.

One wing of the historic building houses two accommodations intended for anyone who wishes to spend a pleasant stay in relaxation, beauty and history. The two apartments are equipped with a kitchenette, dedicated toilets and every comfort. The excellent location, pleasantly quiet, makes it an ideal place to enjoy the sea and the historic center. Particular attention is paid to the breakfast, which is abundant and varied.


An 1800s tufa stone building

The Vetrère wines find their home in a structure dating back to the early 1800s. The building is entirely in tufa, a limestone typical of Salento.

The beautiful star-shaped stone vaults, typical of the constructions of that period, guarantee excellent insulation, while the semi-underground floor allows to maintain a constant temperature, recreating the ideal conditions to preserve the organoleptic properties of the wine. Different areas of the cellar are dedicated to processing.

The largest part is occupied by the steel silos, the modern heart of the winemaking process, while two ancient Slavonian oak barrels occupy the part traditionally reserved for aging in barrels.

In a first room, the heart of the winemaking process, there are steel silos, while a second room is entirely dedicated to Slavonian oak barrels. The adjacent outdoor area is instead intended for grape reception.

Eco and Organic Culture