An agricultural company today is a guardian and ambassador of the territory more than ever. Its philosophy is inscribed in a wider ecosystem made up of environment, quality and culture. Vetrère has chosen the path of clean energy and is able to meet its energy needs independently thanks to a 96 KW photovoltaic system. The electricity is produced by solar panels that cover the cellar and offices, powered by the sun of Puglia.

Since the late 1990s, 50% of the company’s production was already conducted according to the principles of organic farming, and today the company is fully certified by Suolo e Salute.

A biomass boiler generates heat to heat the accommodations and is aligned with the grape pomace and olive pits, which are naturally dried in the summer to be the natural fuel in the winter.

by the use of renewable energy
0 Kg
Carbon dioxide
0 Kg
Nitrogen oxide
0 Kg
Sulfur dioxide


Vetrère pursues a sustainability strategy to reduce the environmental impacts generated by agricultural activity through:

  • The use of certified raw materials for use in organic farming;
  • The maintenance of hedges and dry stone walls, necessary shelters for wild life;
  • Controlled grassing in vineyards and olive groves.
  • It implements waste collection programs that are sent to collection centers thanks to a contract signed with a dedicated company.

All of this is because for us the environment is a fundamental value that must be safeguarded with strength and commitment.


The grapes of the estate are grown according to the method called “spurred cordon espalier ” and “guyot”. When the time of harvest comes, we proceed to the collection, selection and immediate pressing.

The must cooling immediately follows the harvest, to avoid the oxidative processes of the grapes and allow the wine to express all its scents.

For the same purpose, Vetrère uses state-of-the-art tools, methods and technologies: fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled environments, without any contact between the harvested grapes and oxygen. This attention allows to preserve the organoleptic properties of the product and to preserve its deep identity.

Il nido della cinciallegra

La Cinciallegra, è uno tra gli uccelli più comuni e diffusi del nostro Paese; risiede tutto l’anno sul territorio, senza migrare.
E’ uno splendido uccellino dal piumaggio vivace, grigio-verde nelle parti superiori e giallo sulla pancia, la testa e la gola nere, le guance bianche ed una striscia nera longitudinale attraversa l’addome, più lunga e marcata nel maschio.
Il suo canto vario e melodioso, udibile tra metà gennaio e giugno, si articola prevalentemente da 2-3 sillabe ripetute.
Le Cinciallegre iniziano a comparire nei nostri territori all’inizio dell’inverno, e per poter aiutare i nostri amici piumati abbiamo montato in azienda 4 piccole casette esposte ad est per accogliergli. Per ricambiare la nostra ospitalità, il piccolo pennuto si nutre della processionaria, un parassita che distrugge le nostre pinete.

Estate and Cellar